Isis was the daughter of Nut, wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus. She was sometimes called Eset. When Osiris was killed by Set, his body was set adrift in the Nile and Isis began her search for him. When she found him, Set learned of it and stole his body, chopped it into pieces, and threw it into the water again. Isis retrieved her husband and reassembled him. Isis was celebrated at one festival called The Lychnapsia, the Festival of Lights, on August 12, to commemorate seeking her spouse in the darkness by torchlight, and her processions resembled those of Bastet.

Isis instituted marriage and taught women the domestic arts of corn-grinding, flax-spinning, and weaving. As mother-goddess, she introduced the practice of agriculture. Her early character as the Great Enchantress was reflected in her magic powers and in her knowledge of the arts of medicine, which she and Thoth taught to humanity.
Goddess of: Love, Sexuality, Ceremonies, Health and Healing, Immortality