Are you one of those who can say “I love my job”?
Wish I would be one of those. I have, the worst job I ever had… well, It’s the worst administration and management.
I am actively search to get in the Government to finally breath a lil.
Meanwhile, I am collecting debtors for an agency hired by a major Cell cie… Let me tell you that I have learn here the meaning of “It’s all about money and power”. They literally menace you if you are unable to make a certain number of money. You just feel that your job is at stake every minutes. They say that if you don’t make your number, you are not putting enough effort; like we are not working at all! And all that for a salary that places you near the edge of poverty.
We are busting our asses out and it’s not enough. No recognition. Nada.
So you just keep on stressing and stressing and more it goes more I feel I am going back into anxiety crisis. That means stopping working for a while and pills…. They won’t drag me there, I swear!
Change job they will say! I am so trying… but I am so tired, I don’t want to change and change again. I am waiting for my opportunity in the Gov.
So as I stress… I still wish to win the 6/49 and “Bye suckers!” … I would have earn my place in the sun….