What’s wrong with people on earth? (Not to say in my province, Quebec… 😛 )
How did jealousy, hate, sly and all those sins came to be so strong in some people’ head?
I just got out from a Forum, where, at the beginning, I had fun.
It all started when I had the idea of being in disagreement with someone’s opinion. Holy s….! That was it. Apparently I panicked when I answered that topic… did she actually saw me? Damn! Gotta check if there’s camera’s around the house!
No seriously, I didn’t. So I tried to explain that no and re-describe my point of view…. She didn’t seems to understand… I re-explained again. Panic Time! Suddenly I was someone who never accepts someone’s opinion. And so on… I started to panic too, someone took my part and here began the week of horror in this forum. Even though we were trying to not talk about it anymore, being calm in other subject, they (maybe4 or 5 of them) were keeping on getting in our face with discourteous comments and war was declared.
Oh well! Who needs the company of that kind of people anyways? Not me for sure.
It just shows how people can by hypocrite and selfish.
I’ll just have fun in my own dog house.
So my final thought on that?
Get along!!!!!