Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I knew you for a while, as we were writing to each other. You then caught my attention before I even saw you. At that time, I was wondering what I was doing with my life, what life was doing to me.
Finally, an event permitted us to meet. Not only you were kind enough to take me under your wing on this day I needed you, but also you literally lifted me to the seventh sky just by your presence. My mind was sending me incredible messages to my body as my heart was speeding, my skin shimmering and my life brightening.
All this in one night, without you even touching me.
And then, in the morning, we kissed… In love, I was.
My whole world changed, it became you.
From this night, this day, my love for you just keeps on growing. You control my mind and heart. You control my feelings and my breathing. I am your shadow that only wants to be attached to you all day, all hours. That shadow that trembles when you are mad, that shadow that cries when you mind is not there. The shadow that wants to envelop you constantly to feel your warmth and love.
You are the air I breathe and the blood that runs through my body.
As I keep on writing, the frustration of trying to find the right word or phrase is useless, as no word or phrase is strong enough to express my love for you. But I can say one thing: you changed my life for the best, and I thank you for that. You are all I need in this world and you make me happy.

I love you Baby…. always. ♥

To Phil.S.



They created craziness. You can’t help it: Cute stuff at cheap price. But you still can’t figure out why they don’t provide the slave to assemble the damn thing. You get 301 pieces for one Wall Unit. Will you silently (in my case) go insane, you, 2 hours after, finally see a result. Ok… I got mad at a certain step of the montage…. but they have such pretty things! Your pocket and yourself are dragged there by an invisible force!
But we also fell for such a mystic canvas… ok the kind that probably 1/4 of Ottawa will have it in their homes, but still. We’ll have special place and deco for it….. soon……. sooner if I finally get a new job…… Anyways, I never thought I’d fell for something else than a Wolf or a Raven… But I will still be searching for that canvas that I wanted for so long. I found it on the internet but I won’t pay 500$ for it. At worst get me a damn poster and i’ll get the rest done… I’ll leave here a pic of that canvas, if anyone, somewhere….

Lone Raven - Robert Bateman

Lone Raven - Robert Bateman

Many persons asked me why I type my blog in English if I am a francophone. Mostly, a Francophone from the province of Quebec.
Well, at first, I am not one of those french freaks who thinks that other tongues are a threat to my roots. I am open to the world.
Secondly, I feel that the words in English are more representative of my thoughts and sounds better. Might be in my head, but eh! Who said I was totally sane? What is sane?