So many events in a weekend. They started with a manifestation against Police Brutality in Montreal… Shame shame shame … What exactly do they call Police brutality? When the guy tries to run or hit the cop and the cop as to control him? Or is it when they point a gun towards the Cop and the Cop as to do the same to protect himself?? I don’t seriously think that a normal man will risk a career he worked hard for just to slap a lil scum in the face. So I guess I won’t debate longer on that, but…. They want to denounce this by a manifestation, and they do worst than what they try to denounce! Broken glass, fire, things being thrown to people (mostly towards Cops) like bricks, glass bottles and wooden sticks. Will they really get the general public behind them after that? And no kidding, every single year it’s the same old song. They can’t be pacific but they ask to be treated gently. How Ironic. And notice that the kind of persons that will manifest there are 95% in street skinhead styled kid. Ok, I am not putting every one in the same vase, but it is a fact.
What about the other brutality at this time of year, that I gladly signed a petition this weekend on Rideau in Ottawa. Seal hunt brutality. One of the biggest shames of my nation, equal with separatists and the riot of the 1993 Stanley cup.
Seals, those cute lil white faces (coz they aim for the babies for the fur) are being beaten to death coz a gun shot will damage the fur… and sometimes they aren’t dead, and the fur is ripped off the seal, like dogs in the Korean market, but that’s another debate. I hear some say that Canada installed new laws… yeah… wait a minute. They are providing Veterinarians to the hunters so they will make sure the seal is dead after the beating or gunshot. THEY ARE STILL BEATEN TO DEATH YOU A**HOLES! OoOooops… sorry for that.
Anyways, they are more disgusting than our natives in the North or South that now they should respect nature as it is in their beliefs and “religion”. They do it for survival, we do it for luxury. Fish? WE are doing over-fishing, not the seals…. Like we almost extinct the Wolf because he supposedly killed a few cows and/or was killing all the deers and they would have died of hunger. Stop trying to search for reason for your culpability; nature was doing well before we came in, like Natives were doing well before we conquered the Country.
Guess I’ll stop here on the subject, coz you’ll have a paperback novel if I don’t….
But that’s the point.