Who would have known that Video Games could be a drug? I was a Gamer in a “past life”, known as La Louve over Xbox Live in the Rainbow Six series; I was quite good too! Anyone here I’ve played with?
Anyways, for years I’ve played and I’ve killed a lot. I had to stop at Rainbow Six: Vegas since my Ex sold the 360 he gave to me as a present. We were both gamers.
That was a major part of me that was gone, as I was away from my hometown for a few years and since I ain’t the social kind, meaning club type, I was having fun with people over the “net”. Killing, joking, laughing, raging…
It’s been more than a year now in”D-Tox” and you can’t believe how it’s hard. I see pics or R6 on the net, advertisements on TV…. ARGH!
Of course I still play a lil on my Xbox 1 and my GameCube: G.R.A.W, Legend of Zelda, Splinter Cell…. But ain’t the same. But I wouldn’t buy a 360…. I don’t want to go back in this pattern even though I miss it so much. But I have someone to love for real now and he is my top priority.
Even though a study says that Gamers have better skills and reflex than a NASA Astronaut, I have to keep good track and get out. Summer is at our doors and I’ll never be a NASA employee.
So I’ll keep these thumbs in shape once in a while, and live again, as like heroin D-Tox, it will never get fully out of my system…