In the news, the big subject is the Pope. The “Church leader”. Catholicism, Christan, what ever you call it. The Pope made a big declaration: Apparently, condoms increases AIDS spreading.
From his saying, the condoms should be banned and don’t help at all. He says that the best ways to stop AIDS is fidelity in heterosexual couples and abstinence.
Not only that man is becoming a threat to humanity but don’t he even know that it can be spread by blood contact, and from mother to child??????
In Africa, where he made the statement, they also need it as birth control, not enough do they pass it to each other, but the child born from this will be infected.
Now do you believe Sinead when she said he was the enemy (ok, not the same Pope.. but they are all the same!!)? This man, I truly believe, will spread death in weak people that venerate him.
Mostly, those people think that this disease is only spread by homosexuals. It makes them even more dangerous, thinking they can’t be affected.

Sorry for the believers, but more it goes, more I am happy that I renounced it. I won’t have 18 children, renounced my gay friends/family members, spread a disease and stop enjoying my sexual life for that religion, for that man.