This week is the week we get to take out our car legally in Quebec. Well, for those who sneaked out without winter tires, all winter. And that would be me!
I can’t complain against that law, partly, it’s logic. But people aren’t logic. All winter, the ones in the ditch, were those with winter tires…. They think they are invincible.
Sadly, the Government didn’t think about that, so accidents in winter won’t drop.
Also, they didn’t think that some of us are poor, and can’t afford winter tires. On my vehicle it’s nearly 1000$ for four tires and rims… 600$ if I keep my mags and low profiled tires….
So now, I am free! Free to roll! Watch me as I over speed and get a ticket for speeding only!. Nan! I won’t! ^_^
Anyways, I just keep walking to work, I like it! Ipod in my ears, wind in my hair… ok, I can do that in my car, but I have thighs to build over again! And skating once a week won’t do… and… when I think about it, a few years ago, I was on a severe diet with gym 3-4 times per week, and my Skater thighs never came back…. I am so screwed!!! >_<
Next Step on getting the car out, as soon as the streets are cleaned from all that dirt and rocks: The Cleaning! … I might even get my windows tinted…. who as the best price and quality around here?