Since the 50’s, people have been reporting UFO sightings. Some even E.-T. sightings.
Mostly since the incident in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 7th 1947. Since then everyone tried to explain what exactly do they see in the sky. What exactly can all those lights and strange gizmos are? Of course, the planet, physic, chemistry and all natural phenomena can create strange things.
Now the question is: Is there Extra-Terrestrial life?
Ask yourself that question now: Why Earth should be the only planet, in this so wide and infinite space?
Okay, they may not be like us. They may be three legged fury beak heads! Who knows! And maybe they live in an atmosphere of hydrogen. Still, it is IMPOSSIBLE that Earth is the only place with life.
Now, who are they? Are they coming here and why?
Well as I said it might be anything. But that anything, why here? Well I guess to explore. But why do they not make contact instead, mostly after so many years, can’t they see we won’t hurt them? Huh… yeah, ok, seeing what we do to ourselves and the rest of the planet population… ishh…. But still….
Ok, it’s gonna sound like a certain series I just adore, but, ever thought that we were actually put here? Ever thought we were Guinea pigs? So many unexplained architectures and monuments. And this story of end of the world by the Mayas, wouldn’t that be the end of the study? The day we will meet them perhaps? Coz we all know that Mayas are one of the people with strange land sightings like giga designs on the grounds and Mega “buildings”, all things they couldn’t built so fast or that complicated at this time… so many that this speculation could explain.
‘Til then, lift your eyes to the dark night skies and contemplate those stars in the infinite universe. Maybe you’ll see the ship of a lil green fellow…