As the economy goes down, my Fiancé and I are searching for our first home. We are looking forward to be pre-approved. Still, it isn’t, I guess the biggest problem. First, my salary is the worst I ever had, as I am at the edge or poverty. So we can’t, right now, afford a home over 150 grand. Also, we seem to not be on the same level as for what kind of home. One prefers condo in town and the other a house a lil outside town (since in it’s freakin’ expensive in the city). Still everything gets mixed up as I want my dog back and we want another dog. I am not sure if I want to be stuck in an apartment building again and take the dogs out every hour. As he don’t seem to want to do a lawn but want dogs and BBQ in the backyard. We don’t want to pay too much per month and all our lives as condos have monthly fees. I am getting a headache just typing this. We have to either try to find the middle or THE occasion. And we don’t even have a year for that.
They say that it’s time to buy houses since the price are dropping drastically… where?!?!?!? A simple house, with one bathroom, 3 bedrooms is listed around 190 to 200 grand! I we are talking about a small garden house! There would be so less homeless people at july 1st if they would think 2 seconds instead of trying to make more money.
Anyways, as the puzzle continues, we are navigating the net to find the perfect home for our situation. As one as caught our eye, even thought I’ll have to drag the dogs out on a leash, we both agree on this one. Hopefully, it will be as great as it looks on the pics.
So if anyone as a house for sell in Gatineau, like a donation, we might be takers!
Also, I am not sure we want to stay another year in the apartment we are renting, not only is it small and we have barely cabinets for the dishes, but also, we hear the neighbor snoring… I just try not to imagine what he hears… But I guess if we have too, we will.
I have to admit that my dream house is actually the typical Canadian house… but they are about the most expensive on the market… so guess it ain’t for me.
Overall, we just want OUR home, and after we’ll see.
Ah! If winning the lottery would be for us….

My dream Canadian House