Ever noticed how some people look like others? Like your neighbor looks like Danny DeVito or your co-worker like your own mother! The other day I saw a lady that looked like a poodle, but that’s another story.
Sadly, when we look like stars, the wallet doesn’t come with it. I once heard that I look like Shannen Doherty and I remind everyone someone, my Fiancé as been said he looks like CH’s Tom Kostopoulos and younger, Ferris Bueller’s day off’s Alan Ruck. From my point, definitely more Tom.
I had a friend who looked like Tom Cruise and my own father, younger, looked like Tom Selleck! Also, my English teacher, I swear, looked like Yoda! No kidding! Only, not green!
There’s also a “myth” that says that everyone as twin somewhere. Wish I could find mine, would be fun! Who’s your “twin”?