As a 21st century population, sometimes I think we are worst than animals. What shocks me the most is the vision of ¾ of the planet toward the animal that is supposed to be our best friend: The Dog.
Of course it’s the same for the horse who served the human etc…but I will concentrate on dogs.
The dog became the victim of worldwide commerce and human lust for money. The dog became a fur, meat and puppy producer. In certain countries such as Korea, they literally take the fur off puppies, alive. Videos are actually roaming on the web about those cases. It is said that Chinese eats dog flesh, mostly St-Bernard’s. But I have no confirmation.
As for the biggest commerce, puppy production, it is the worst plague known.
People, in greed of money, will make bitches over produce babies in the worst conditions. They will mate them with any dogs, sick or not. And those puppies are ¾ of Pet shops merchandise. People will complain about dogs sold by recognized breeders as they are much more expensive. But think of this; Breeders tests ALL individuals for sickness and congenital problems. They bring the puppies to the vet to have them checked and have their shots. Just a visit, no shots cost around 35$ to 65$! But you have a FULL guarantee, service, a dog you are sure won’t have congenital or psychological problems at 98%. Not 100 coz anyone one can get that lil pup that is so fragile.
Also by buying from your neighbor or Pet Shop, you encourage the person who doesn’t even care if the mother is on the edge of death.
There’s also the “epidemic” of dog bites. Mostly related, by the medias, to the Pitt bull. Another situation they don’t seek further than their nose, as it makes such sensational news. The Pitt bull, as well as the Staffordshire, Bull terrier etc, is among the nicest dog. Did you know, in a certain year, don’t remember when but I remember I have found the article as I was suppose to do searches for the SPCA I worked at to convince the city not to apply BSL, but the Golden Retriever is on top of list regarding bites.
Among all breeds on this planet, there is no breed more aggressive than another nor that barks more. The dog is a pack animal like the wolf, he is looking forward to be part of a pack and be ruled by a leader, the Alpha dog. When the human let a dog, bite at will, bark at will, over protects him, if you let do as will, he will suggest he is the Alpha among humans and bite. YOU have to show your dog how to behave, coz if you don’t, even a tiny Maltese could be dangerous.
Anyways, I can’t go up in details, I’ll have to make a book with many chapters: Behave your dog, feed your dog well, where to buy etc…
As I wish to have, one day, a Doberman, or a German shepherd or a Rottie, I will let you guys think about all this. Even though I have not a diploma in dog behavior or DMV, if you have questions, just ask.