March 2009

Since the 50’s, people have been reporting UFO sightings. Some even E.-T. sightings.
Mostly since the incident in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 7th 1947. Since then everyone tried to explain what exactly do they see in the sky. What exactly can all those lights and strange gizmos are? Of course, the planet, physic, chemistry and all natural phenomena can create strange things.
Now the question is: Is there Extra-Terrestrial life?
Ask yourself that question now: Why Earth should be the only planet, in this so wide and infinite space?
Okay, they may not be like us. They may be three legged fury beak heads! Who knows! And maybe they live in an atmosphere of hydrogen. Still, it is IMPOSSIBLE that Earth is the only place with life.
Now, who are they? Are they coming here and why?
Well as I said it might be anything. But that anything, why here? Well I guess to explore. But why do they not make contact instead, mostly after so many years, can’t they see we won’t hurt them? Huh… yeah, ok, seeing what we do to ourselves and the rest of the planet population… ishh…. But still….
Ok, it’s gonna sound like a certain series I just adore, but, ever thought that we were actually put here? Ever thought we were Guinea pigs? So many unexplained architectures and monuments. And this story of end of the world by the Mayas, wouldn’t that be the end of the study? The day we will meet them perhaps? Coz we all know that Mayas are one of the people with strange land sightings like giga designs on the grounds and Mega “buildings”, all things they couldn’t built so fast or that complicated at this time… so many that this speculation could explain.
‘Til then, lift your eyes to the dark night skies and contemplate those stars in the infinite universe. Maybe you’ll see the ship of a lil green fellow…



You just love when it happens. When it’s like the first day. Sweet love and smiles, passionate kisses and warmth. You fly to the seventh skies and never want to go down again. The earth could explode and you would care, they would tell you that you won a million, you would listen. You are in your lil world. A world of pure happiness.
But wake up girl… you got scared this morning eh? Felt Icy… Don’t get scared, it can’t last everyday, mostly in this stressful life. Just take it normally and wish it will happen again. ‘Til then, don’t let your mind play tricks, you are such a paranoid.


This week is the week we get to take out our car legally in Quebec. Well, for those who sneaked out without winter tires, all winter. And that would be me!
I can’t complain against that law, partly, it’s logic. But people aren’t logic. All winter, the ones in the ditch, were those with winter tires…. They think they are invincible.
Sadly, the Government didn’t think about that, so accidents in winter won’t drop.
Also, they didn’t think that some of us are poor, and can’t afford winter tires. On my vehicle it’s nearly 1000$ for four tires and rims… 600$ if I keep my mags and low profiled tires….
So now, I am free! Free to roll! Watch me as I over speed and get a ticket for speeding only!. Nan! I won’t! ^_^
Anyways, I just keep walking to work, I like it! Ipod in my ears, wind in my hair… ok, I can do that in my car, but I have thighs to build over again! And skating once a week won’t do… and… when I think about it, a few years ago, I was on a severe diet with gym 3-4 times per week, and my Skater thighs never came back…. I am so screwed!!! >_<
Next Step on getting the car out, as soon as the streets are cleaned from all that dirt and rocks: The Cleaning! … I might even get my windows tinted…. who as the best price and quality around here?

In the news, the big subject is the Pope. The “Church leader”. Catholicism, Christan, what ever you call it. The Pope made a big declaration: Apparently, condoms increases AIDS spreading.
From his saying, the condoms should be banned and don’t help at all. He says that the best ways to stop AIDS is fidelity in heterosexual couples and abstinence.
Not only that man is becoming a threat to humanity but don’t he even know that it can be spread by blood contact, and from mother to child??????
In Africa, where he made the statement, they also need it as birth control, not enough do they pass it to each other, but the child born from this will be infected.
Now do you believe Sinead when she said he was the enemy (ok, not the same Pope.. but they are all the same!!)? This man, I truly believe, will spread death in weak people that venerate him.
Mostly, those people think that this disease is only spread by homosexuals. It makes them even more dangerous, thinking they can’t be affected.

Sorry for the believers, but more it goes, more I am happy that I renounced it. I won’t have 18 children, renounced my gay friends/family members, spread a disease and stop enjoying my sexual life for that religion, for that man.

Who would have known that Video Games could be a drug? I was a Gamer in a “past life”, known as La Louve over Xbox Live in the Rainbow Six series; I was quite good too! Anyone here I’ve played with?
Anyways, for years I’ve played and I’ve killed a lot. I had to stop at Rainbow Six: Vegas since my Ex sold the 360 he gave to me as a present. We were both gamers.
That was a major part of me that was gone, as I was away from my hometown for a few years and since I ain’t the social kind, meaning club type, I was having fun with people over the “net”. Killing, joking, laughing, raging…
It’s been more than a year now in”D-Tox” and you can’t believe how it’s hard. I see pics or R6 on the net, advertisements on TV…. ARGH!
Of course I still play a lil on my Xbox 1 and my GameCube: G.R.A.W, Legend of Zelda, Splinter Cell…. But ain’t the same. But I wouldn’t buy a 360…. I don’t want to go back in this pattern even though I miss it so much. But I have someone to love for real now and he is my top priority.
Even though a study says that Gamers have better skills and reflex than a NASA Astronaut, I have to keep good track and get out. Summer is at our doors and I’ll never be a NASA employee.
So I’ll keep these thumbs in shape once in a while, and live again, as like heroin D-Tox, it will never get fully out of my system…

So many events in a weekend. They started with a manifestation against Police Brutality in Montreal… Shame shame shame … What exactly do they call Police brutality? When the guy tries to run or hit the cop and the cop as to control him? Or is it when they point a gun towards the Cop and the Cop as to do the same to protect himself?? I don’t seriously think that a normal man will risk a career he worked hard for just to slap a lil scum in the face. So I guess I won’t debate longer on that, but…. They want to denounce this by a manifestation, and they do worst than what they try to denounce! Broken glass, fire, things being thrown to people (mostly towards Cops) like bricks, glass bottles and wooden sticks. Will they really get the general public behind them after that? And no kidding, every single year it’s the same old song. They can’t be pacific but they ask to be treated gently. How Ironic. And notice that the kind of persons that will manifest there are 95% in street skinhead styled kid. Ok, I am not putting every one in the same vase, but it is a fact.
What about the other brutality at this time of year, that I gladly signed a petition this weekend on Rideau in Ottawa. Seal hunt brutality. One of the biggest shames of my nation, equal with separatists and the riot of the 1993 Stanley cup.
Seals, those cute lil white faces (coz they aim for the babies for the fur) are being beaten to death coz a gun shot will damage the fur… and sometimes they aren’t dead, and the fur is ripped off the seal, like dogs in the Korean market, but that’s another debate. I hear some say that Canada installed new laws… yeah… wait a minute. They are providing Veterinarians to the hunters so they will make sure the seal is dead after the beating or gunshot. THEY ARE STILL BEATEN TO DEATH YOU A**HOLES! OoOooops… sorry for that.
Anyways, they are more disgusting than our natives in the North or South that now they should respect nature as it is in their beliefs and “religion”. They do it for survival, we do it for luxury. Fish? WE are doing over-fishing, not the seals…. Like we almost extinct the Wolf because he supposedly killed a few cows and/or was killing all the deers and they would have died of hunger. Stop trying to search for reason for your culpability; nature was doing well before we came in, like Natives were doing well before we conquered the Country.
Guess I’ll stop here on the subject, coz you’ll have a paperback novel if I don’t….
But that’s the point.

I knew you for a while, as we were writing to each other. You then caught my attention before I even saw you. At that time, I was wondering what I was doing with my life, what life was doing to me.
Finally, an event permitted us to meet. Not only you were kind enough to take me under your wing on this day I needed you, but also you literally lifted me to the seventh sky just by your presence. My mind was sending me incredible messages to my body as my heart was speeding, my skin shimmering and my life brightening.
All this in one night, without you even touching me.
And then, in the morning, we kissed… In love, I was.
My whole world changed, it became you.
From this night, this day, my love for you just keeps on growing. You control my mind and heart. You control my feelings and my breathing. I am your shadow that only wants to be attached to you all day, all hours. That shadow that trembles when you are mad, that shadow that cries when you mind is not there. The shadow that wants to envelop you constantly to feel your warmth and love.
You are the air I breathe and the blood that runs through my body.
As I keep on writing, the frustration of trying to find the right word or phrase is useless, as no word or phrase is strong enough to express my love for you. But I can say one thing: you changed my life for the best, and I thank you for that. You are all I need in this world and you make me happy.

I love you Baby…. always. ♥

To Phil.S.


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