Ever stopped a second and wondered…:

– Why do we work? To pay ourselves treats…. And when exactly do you take time to enjoy it after working, doing the grocery, dinner, shower?… OoOops Bedtime! No, you work for the big boss’s vacations and 350 000$ Boat, he gets the treats you get to die at work to survive with all the bills.
– Why is it always elders that win the lottery? Loto-Quebec thinks that they might die in 2 days and won’t have to pay them the prize and/or they actually think that younger people didn’t suffer enough yet on the job trying to get through debts and the loud neighbors of the apartment building.
– Why can’t you find a specific drink when you have a rage? That’s easy, just to piss you off… or there were 50 people with the same rage that day and they actually did the same 10 stores before you!
– Why are the big payments comes the months you have the less money? The same reason as number 2….
– Why do I write this? Fun…. But mostly tired physically, mentally, money-wise, job-wise…. Hopefully the 6/49 ticket in my wallet is a winner……..