– Even though man aims for the center well… there’s always full of pee all around the bowl, even on the floor….. Sit down!!!!!!
– 1 million persons in a town.. you always end up behind the slowest and worst driver on a one lane route when you are late.
– This Tim Horton’s always scraps your coffee half hot chocolate… but you keep on going there anyways, in case it changes and won’t make you go 5 minutes further to the one who makes it perfect.
– It’s on the weekend, when you know you can sleep in the morning that you are actually unable.
– It’s on the weekend you can go to bed late but you end up sleeping on the couch at 9:30 pm without even notice it.
– Wind always blows in spring and autumn to give you the chills, never when it’s freakin hot in the summer and wish for at least a breeze.
– Lights are always green when you want to take your time and enjoy your car ride.
– When you feel like songs that rocks, you always end up with “I am on edge of suicide” songs on your iPod.
Have I ever said that “Life is a bitch”?