Not so long ago… well…. ok… a few years… I was a Raver. Not the one who gets excited by the upcomings of electronic events such as “Black & Blue” or “Bal en Blanc”. Those are shameful for the real raver world. My first party was “Sphere” on the south shore of Montreal in 1997 if my memory is right. I actually got my winter coat stolen there, a 300$ worth Billabong Coat (If the guy or girl that stole it read this: I want my coat back!!!) I remember one of the songs: Born Slippy
That was before the commercial world saw it on “Trainspotting”. Then I was in underground, 200 to 800 persons rave parties every weekends or so. I hab ny furry fat pants, my pacifier, my glitter… name it! Yup, I was what they called a Kandi Raver! But every day, I was more sober. Those were some of the greatest days of my life. I had so much fun.
Yeah, I hear you all asking: Yes I did drugs. I did Speed (Pink, Strawberry and then Peach) I did also Ecstasy (phantom was my fav!).
Oh! And do me a favor… don’t believe the medias. They soooo don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to Rave parties…. real ones.
I raved about from 1997 to 2002. My last party was “Birth of a Fairy” and got a CD from Frank Cyberr, an L.A DJ.
My all time favorite song, and I had the chance to ask Chek’Math or DJ Mecha to spin it for me was The First Rebirth, an hard-acid style song.
I had the classic LightSticks or GlowSticks, everything! God I miss that! Yes I went through hours of massage with Tiger balm, my most memorable was with ex-PsykoFrog promotor and friend, Louis. I really enjoyed it my friend if you read this! And if you didn’t know, Rox took a picture of that… yiiish, felt good but doesn’t look good lol
Have the chance, I would do it again, but don’t think I would survived this today. Anyways, I heard it isn’t like it was….

Wow…. so much memories!!!! PARTY!!!