People in underground, real raves, can get weird. But this atmosphere is so relax and friendly that you just don’t care. You want to have fun.
I remember seeing a man around 50 to 60 of age, in a leopard tong, dancing in front of the DJ. He looked so high! That was at a party made at the RedLite in Laval called “CIRCLE”.
I even saw, and was confirmed by himself, at the very first “The Arrival” party an Canadiens player! I don’t remember who, but I wouldn’t tell eventhough I remembered… you all know how the public and media are around our team!
Some say that people are having sex all around the place: false. In 6 years in the scene, I saw that once. And you had to pay attention to them coz you would have never notice. Of course the “E” gets people more sexual and loving. But we, they, are decent.
It’s also an occasion to be flashy and “happy” styled. Glitter, false fur, bright colors…. name it!
Never did I saw violence.
I even once, with a friend, Roxanne (Rox where are you!!!!), did an interview at “Bounce” to Charles Tisseyre, he was thrilled to have us on film saying he adores the way we express ourselves etc… but sadly, my ex, told him to not pass it coz he don’t want his parents to see it coz they will say that he takes drugs if I do!!!!!!!! Mr Tisseyre tried to convince him, but no luck, I heard of it later that night. I was so mad. So you just see my hand with pills in it. The way you can tell is that on my fourth finger I have a pale mole… lol
I remember also, at my first party, “Sphere”, that guy, I don’t know is name, he passed about 1 hour talking with me about his hair, saying his friends did spikes with he don’t know what and he never asked for that haircut and blablabla… lol I thought it was interesting lol On speed you can just blabla all night and you get up personnal, but it feels so good to talk so freely and the fact that the other person is so receptive.
Wow… I miss that!