I am a “graphist” that lost her Mac and Photoshop… Lack of money for a new computer and software, as my old one is too tired to be entirely fontionnal.
And I have been searching for the perfect blog host that could provide me the possibility of customizing my blog freely: Colors, headers, fonts….
But I soon found out that WordPress, don’t give all of this all together. As I want darker colors with custom header…. I can’t.
So I’ve begin to search for a new host, and it pisses me off. Will I have to copy/paste all my posts? I gonna have to change my address everywhere and it might no be even better.
Yes I know HTML codes… even though it’s quite far in my head, but I won’t freakin’ pay for that when I could just host a website and have a custom address too. anyways, no money. I can bearly live.