May 2009

My Fiancé and I spent a big part of the weekend at the camping, at the in-laws camper. Sunny and rainy days but how relaxing! I managed to get a sun burn but no mosquito bites. The dogs ran their heart out and we had a couple (…) of beers, and spent the evening and part of night in front of a fire.
The Loon sang all weekend long and the Frogs all night long. All just perfect!
I had, and went to campings often or cottage. We all know deep in the country, the people are different. It’s ok, I don’t mind, we all get along and nothing gets to me. But this weekend, I was stun. We went for a breakfast in a local restaurant. The first thing I noticed and never thought to see somewhere else than in a city Mcdonald’s is in those 15 customer there, only 3 were not obese. Ok, happens, might be a coincidence. But I spotted that guy, taking his breakfast with a Pepsi… ouch! Bad Start, answer no.1 there… at least for his case. Then we got our food…. here’s answer no.2! The patatoes that were supposed to be sauté or roasted, had so much butter in it, they were creamy cubes and tasted like butter. The toasted bread had so much butter on it, it was damp and tasted like butter with toast more than toast with butter! My cholesterol went high up this morning! I guess they are so deep in the country they never heard of cholesterol, artery blockedand so on!

As I read the “Journal de Montréal” yesterday… or is it Sunday… anyways. A State in the US wants to apply a new law: The low pants law.
It aims mostly this “fashion” where men wear their jeans right at the middle or under the butt crack. You know when you think the guy crapped his pants bad…. well some States find this “fashion” so ugly, they want to put up a law against it, with fines and all. They say it’s disgraceful.
I agree, it is ugly and unsexy. But is it really a reason to put up a law??? I don’t think so! While you’re there, I have many fashion no-no’s I can put up! But where will all of this end? Outraged by everything like the population is right now, we are on the road of wearing a specific suit or costume, like private schools does!
Isn’t there more important things in this world? Why not have a dress code like Islam or North Korea while you’re there!

Since many weeks, the fashion are the big coming back of the 80’s. If there was a fashion era to forget, it was the 80’s. Sorry for those who actually like it.
Teenagers who think they are woman (ok, that would be another post) are wearing jeans so tight, and so small at the anckle, you wonder how the foot actually passed through. I still wonder how the blood circulate in the feet. But I do find those lil “ballerina” shoes cute though.
And even the hair are reviving the 80’s. Girls get the gravity hair. The top high up with half the spray can. I swear, in my office, we have a “kindergarden” to pass to get to the front door to access the washrooms, and you get the spraynet scent giggling your nose! One of those girls had it so high once, I was wondering if they didn’t hired a part of the ConeHeads family! Awful!
Fluo colors in stores and shirst with photos on it….. Thank god I didn’t saw a mullet yet! Well… I saw Drew’s … And was terrified, hopefully his Queen cut it off!
I sincerely hope this “fashion” won’t last. Even the 60’s and 70’s were better than that. I actually even saw human beings with a hybrid of shutter shades!
Sorry… I just can’t…. makes me puke in my mouth!

French, english… hurray for the mix! Guess I’ll make that blog bilingual….

Quand j’arrête pour y penser, la tite Louve que j’étais à pris le bord; la vie m’a sacré une quantité de claque en plein visage dont j’aurais pu me passer. La Louve que les gens connaissait est devenue petit chiot braillard, sensible et “psychotique”.
La Louve à eu une seule bonne chose dans sa vie jusqu’à date et elle se bat quotidiennement avec la peur de la perdre… cette seule personne qui lui à donné des frissons inoubliables depuis le 10 novembre 2007, la seule qui me rend “speachless” et folle d’amour.
Malgré que je tentes le positisme et que je tente toujours de pas y penser, certains évènements, dont, exemple, quand je m’arrête 30 secondes pour penser, me décourage au point de me voir comme une “failure”. Je tente de me reconstruire, de penser à autre chose, entre autre la seule lumière de ma vie… mais le chemin est très ardue pour redevenir l’Alpha de moi-même, La Louve mordante que j’étais. J’ai peine à expliquer pourquoi on m’appellais La Louve avant. Un rien me met en larmes. Je suis incapable de suivre.
Je remercie tout les jours la vie de m’avoir mis mon Amour sur mon chemin, il est celui qui me tiens en un seul morceau, sans lui, j’abandonne l’instinct de survie.
Je sais que un jour, à moins qu’une autre brique à GPS me vise encore, je vais m’en sortir. J’ai déjà eu une bonne nouvelle la semaine passé: Je suis enfin “qualifié: selon le gouvernement du Canada, ils peuvent m’appeller à tout moment pour un poste. Allumer des cierges, prier le diable, chatouillez bouddha, what ever votre religion en autant que ça peut m’aider à ce qu’ils m’appellent vite: Je veux un bon salaire, je veux des vacances, je veux des journées maladies, je veux un horaire normal, je veux être fière de mon emploi.
Ca serait un pas de plus, ou plutot un outils de plus pour m’aider à retrouver ma confiance et ma force. Il va que rester à laisser à la poubelles mes ombres du passé et ces mauvais évènements qui mon détruit émotionnellement et qui on détruit ma confiance… elles m’ont presque achevés même pour certain…
Mais j’essaye fort de pas me laisser atteindre, comme avant, je vous le jure.
Je suis tanné d’être sur le bord de la depression, j’ai assez pris de pillules… oui elles me fesait du bien, je vivais normalement… et je sais que si mon médecin lirais ça, j’y retournerais assez vite merci!! Et sans compter les recommendations de thérapie! Anyways avec ces pillules là je suis incapable de v…… 😛
Bon… ma collègue de travaille viens de me lancer une “coffee crisp”, anti-dépresseur à court terme qui va drette din fesses…. ça fait du bien!
Bon suffit la déprime….. vite il me faut des remontant!

Hurray for importing blogs to another one… I tried to import this blog to blogger…. and it won’t take it… guess the spirit of WordPress will keep me here… hope he as good templates and styles to show me!