Since many weeks, the fashion are the big coming back of the 80’s. If there was a fashion era to forget, it was the 80’s. Sorry for those who actually like it.
Teenagers who think they are woman (ok, that would be another post) are wearing jeans so tight, and so small at the anckle, you wonder how the foot actually passed through. I still wonder how the blood circulate in the feet. But I do find those lil “ballerina” shoes cute though.
And even the hair are reviving the 80’s. Girls get the gravity hair. The top high up with half the spray can. I swear, in my office, we have a “kindergarden” to pass to get to the front door to access the washrooms, and you get the spraynet scent giggling your nose! One of those girls had it so high once, I was wondering if they didn’t hired a part of the ConeHeads family! Awful!
Fluo colors in stores and shirst with photos on it….. Thank god I didn’t saw a mullet yet! Well… I saw Drew’s … And was terrified, hopefully his Queen cut it off!
I sincerely hope this “fashion” won’t last. Even the 60’s and 70’s were better than that. I actually even saw human beings with a hybrid of shutter shades!
Sorry… I just can’t…. makes me puke in my mouth!