My Fiancé and I spent a big part of the weekend at the camping, at the in-laws camper. Sunny and rainy days but how relaxing! I managed to get a sun burn but no mosquito bites. The dogs ran their heart out and we had a couple (…) of beers, and spent the evening and part of night in front of a fire.
The Loon sang all weekend long and the Frogs all night long. All just perfect!
I had, and went to campings often or cottage. We all know deep in the country, the people are different. It’s ok, I don’t mind, we all get along and nothing gets to me. But this weekend, I was stun. We went for a breakfast in a local restaurant. The first thing I noticed and never thought to see somewhere else than in a city Mcdonald’s is in those 15 customer there, only 3 were not obese. Ok, happens, might be a coincidence. But I spotted that guy, taking his breakfast with a Pepsi… ouch! Bad Start, answer no.1 there… at least for his case. Then we got our food…. here’s answer no.2! The patatoes that were supposed to be sauté or roasted, had so much butter in it, they were creamy cubes and tasted like butter. The toasted bread had so much butter on it, it was damp and tasted like butter with toast more than toast with butter! My cholesterol went high up this morning! I guess they are so deep in the country they never heard of cholesterol, artery blockedand so on!