As I read the “Journal de Montréal” yesterday… or is it Sunday… anyways. A State in the US wants to apply a new law: The low pants law.
It aims mostly this “fashion” where men wear their jeans right at the middle or under the butt crack. You know when you think the guy crapped his pants bad…. well some States find this “fashion” so ugly, they want to put up a law against it, with fines and all. They say it’s disgraceful.
I agree, it is ugly and unsexy. But is it really a reason to put up a law??? I don’t think so! While you’re there, I have many fashion no-no’s I can put up! But where will all of this end? Outraged by everything like the population is right now, we are on the road of wearing a specific suit or costume, like private schools does!
Isn’t there more important things in this world? Why not have a dress code like Islam or North Korea while you’re there!