+Where those the word Maikan comes from and why this specific name? Maikan is suppose to be an Algonquin/Montagnais word for WOLF. As I was always called everywhere “La Louve” (She-wolf) it was the logic choice. This name followed me most of my internet life as I am, like a Wolf, wild but peaceful, hard to tame but sweet, and sometimes the fragile pup and other times the fearless Alpha. Also, like the Raven, it’s like a Totem to me.

+Who’s behind Maikan Hill? A Girl, way over 18, finally happy in love, but still with some imperfections in her life that I try to fix.

+Why writing a blog? Writing or typing is an easy way for me to express myself as words and feelings comes out easier that way in certain occasions. It’s also a way to rage, critic and get my insanity out without borders. I love to create too and even though I can’t do the modification I want with pics or layouts since I can’t use my Mac anymore and also can’t find a blog host that will help me for free, I love to to create beauty and texts.

+Where in the world is it written? Near Ottawa, Canada

+Is there a pic of you? Maybe, but I am not photogenic on a cell camera!

Part of me

If you have any other questions that are here just ask, I may put it here


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