My Fiancé and I spent a big part of the weekend at the camping, at the in-laws camper. Sunny and rainy days but how relaxing! I managed to get a sun burn but no mosquito bites. The dogs ran their heart out and we had a couple (…) of beers, and spent the evening and part of night in front of a fire.
The Loon sang all weekend long and the Frogs all night long. All just perfect!
I had, and went to campings often or cottage. We all know deep in the country, the people are different. It’s ok, I don’t mind, we all get along and nothing gets to me. But this weekend, I was stun. We went for a breakfast in a local restaurant. The first thing I noticed and never thought to see somewhere else than in a city Mcdonald’s is in those 15 customer there, only 3 were not obese. Ok, happens, might be a coincidence. But I spotted that guy, taking his breakfast with a Pepsi… ouch! Bad Start, answer no.1 there… at least for his case. Then we got our food…. here’s answer no.2! The patatoes that were supposed to be sauté or roasted, had so much butter in it, they were creamy cubes and tasted like butter. The toasted bread had so much butter on it, it was damp and tasted like butter with toast more than toast with butter! My cholesterol went high up this morning! I guess they are so deep in the country they never heard of cholesterol, artery blockedand so on!


As I read the “Journal de Montréal” yesterday… or is it Sunday… anyways. A State in the US wants to apply a new law: The low pants law.
It aims mostly this “fashion” where men wear their jeans right at the middle or under the butt crack. You know when you think the guy crapped his pants bad…. well some States find this “fashion” so ugly, they want to put up a law against it, with fines and all. They say it’s disgraceful.
I agree, it is ugly and unsexy. But is it really a reason to put up a law??? I don’t think so! While you’re there, I have many fashion no-no’s I can put up! But where will all of this end? Outraged by everything like the population is right now, we are on the road of wearing a specific suit or costume, like private schools does!
Isn’t there more important things in this world? Why not have a dress code like Islam or North Korea while you’re there!

Since many weeks, the fashion are the big coming back of the 80’s. If there was a fashion era to forget, it was the 80’s. Sorry for those who actually like it.
Teenagers who think they are woman (ok, that would be another post) are wearing jeans so tight, and so small at the anckle, you wonder how the foot actually passed through. I still wonder how the blood circulate in the feet. But I do find those lil “ballerina” shoes cute though.
And even the hair are reviving the 80’s. Girls get the gravity hair. The top high up with half the spray can. I swear, in my office, we have a “kindergarden” to pass to get to the front door to access the washrooms, and you get the spraynet scent giggling your nose! One of those girls had it so high once, I was wondering if they didn’t hired a part of the ConeHeads family! Awful!
Fluo colors in stores and shirst with photos on it….. Thank god I didn’t saw a mullet yet! Well… I saw Drew’s … And was terrified, hopefully his Queen cut it off!
I sincerely hope this “fashion” won’t last. Even the 60’s and 70’s were better than that. I actually even saw human beings with a hybrid of shutter shades!
Sorry… I just can’t…. makes me puke in my mouth!

People in underground, real raves, can get weird. But this atmosphere is so relax and friendly that you just don’t care. You want to have fun.
I remember seeing a man around 50 to 60 of age, in a leopard tong, dancing in front of the DJ. He looked so high! That was at a party made at the RedLite in Laval called “CIRCLE”.
I even saw, and was confirmed by himself, at the very first “The Arrival” party an Canadiens player! I don’t remember who, but I wouldn’t tell eventhough I remembered… you all know how the public and media are around our team!
Some say that people are having sex all around the place: false. In 6 years in the scene, I saw that once. And you had to pay attention to them coz you would have never notice. Of course the “E” gets people more sexual and loving. But we, they, are decent.
It’s also an occasion to be flashy and “happy” styled. Glitter, false fur, bright colors…. name it!
Never did I saw violence.
I even once, with a friend, Roxanne (Rox where are you!!!!), did an interview at “Bounce” to Charles Tisseyre, he was thrilled to have us on film saying he adores the way we express ourselves etc… but sadly, my ex, told him to not pass it coz he don’t want his parents to see it coz they will say that he takes drugs if I do!!!!!!!! Mr Tisseyre tried to convince him, but no luck, I heard of it later that night. I was so mad. So you just see my hand with pills in it. The way you can tell is that on my fourth finger I have a pale mole… lol
I remember also, at my first party, “Sphere”, that guy, I don’t know is name, he passed about 1 hour talking with me about his hair, saying his friends did spikes with he don’t know what and he never asked for that haircut and blablabla… lol I thought it was interesting lol On speed you can just blabla all night and you get up personnal, but it feels so good to talk so freely and the fact that the other person is so receptive.
Wow… I miss that!

Not so long ago… well…. ok… a few years… I was a Raver. Not the one who gets excited by the upcomings of electronic events such as “Black & Blue” or “Bal en Blanc”. Those are shameful for the real raver world. My first party was “Sphere” on the south shore of Montreal in 1997 if my memory is right. I actually got my winter coat stolen there, a 300$ worth Billabong Coat (If the guy or girl that stole it read this: I want my coat back!!!) I remember one of the songs: Born Slippy
That was before the commercial world saw it on “Trainspotting”. Then I was in underground, 200 to 800 persons rave parties every weekends or so. I hab ny furry fat pants, my pacifier, my glitter… name it! Yup, I was what they called a Kandi Raver! But every day, I was more sober. Those were some of the greatest days of my life. I had so much fun.
Yeah, I hear you all asking: Yes I did drugs. I did Speed (Pink, Strawberry and then Peach) I did also Ecstasy (phantom was my fav!).
Oh! And do me a favor… don’t believe the medias. They soooo don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to Rave parties…. real ones.
I raved about from 1997 to 2002. My last party was “Birth of a Fairy” and got a CD from Frank Cyberr, an L.A DJ.
My all time favorite song, and I had the chance to ask Chek’Math or DJ Mecha to spin it for me was The First Rebirth, an hard-acid style song.
I had the classic LightSticks or GlowSticks, everything! God I miss that! Yes I went through hours of massage with Tiger balm, my most memorable was with ex-PsykoFrog promotor and friend, Louis. I really enjoyed it my friend if you read this! And if you didn’t know, Rox took a picture of that… yiiish, felt good but doesn’t look good lol
Have the chance, I would do it again, but don’t think I would survived this today. Anyways, I heard it isn’t like it was….

Wow…. so much memories!!!! PARTY!!!

– Even though man aims for the center well… there’s always full of pee all around the bowl, even on the floor….. Sit down!!!!!!
– 1 million persons in a town.. you always end up behind the slowest and worst driver on a one lane route when you are late.
– This Tim Horton’s always scraps your coffee half hot chocolate… but you keep on going there anyways, in case it changes and won’t make you go 5 minutes further to the one who makes it perfect.
– It’s on the weekend, when you know you can sleep in the morning that you are actually unable.
– It’s on the weekend you can go to bed late but you end up sleeping on the couch at 9:30 pm without even notice it.
– Wind always blows in spring and autumn to give you the chills, never when it’s freakin hot in the summer and wish for at least a breeze.
– Lights are always green when you want to take your time and enjoy your car ride.
– When you feel like songs that rocks, you always end up with “I am on edge of suicide” songs on your iPod.
Have I ever said that “Life is a bitch”?

My brain smells like fire right now. Smoke is getting out my ears as I am trying to think about a subject to write about for my blog. I keep on searching and it’s blank, nada!
Of course I could rage against my boss and supervisor as they are the perfect image of a clueless, cold-hearted, unrespectful and empty individuals.
I don’t feel like it.
I could also make a text full of love for my Fiancé.
I feel like it but I don’t want to get on anyone’s nerves with my lil birdies and lil hearts and rainbows.
I could let my dark side speak, and let my fears and voice from beyond take over.
I don’t feel like it.
I could talk about dreams I have and wishes.
I don’t feel like it.
I actually feel like writing, well…. typing in this case, but I don’t have a subject that will get my fingers to go on.
Maybe I am just so tired. I know we had 4 days off, I was ok yesterday, I guess, but… now I am so tired. Drained. I need a never-ending hug.
I feel like taking the place of Chuck Noland, Tom Hank’s character in Cast Away and do the finger to the world. But let me take a computer, my iPod and food…. lol and maybe build me a lil home!
Anyways, y’all get the point!

Well.. guess it will be for another day!

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