Is it wrong wanting to be by his side constantly?
Is it wrong wanting love from someone endlessly?
Is it wrong to love someone infinitely?
Is it wrong to feel pain when you don’t hear the same from thee?
Is it wrong wanting to be the only one he will see?
Is it wrong to be me?


To me, he is the blood in my vein
The one that keeps me sane.
He is the air I breathe
The water that I need.

To me, he is the Sun that lights the darkness
The moon that keeps me speechless. .
He is the spirit that comforts me
The Entity that haunts me freely.

To me, he is the wine that spins my head
The drug that keeps me addicted.
He is the fire that keeps me warm
The definition of charm.

For to me, he is my whole world, my Life….

I prowl the shadow lands
Looking for the lost and the damned
I am the pack leader without a pack
I am the fallen looking for a way back.
I hear the calls of the chosen
I race forward against time
For all is won and lost
And all hope has its cost.


For my foot falls shadow the wind
My heartbeat is thunder in the air
And I breathe to the sound of a whisper
And you will know that I am there.
See the sun and know my hopes
Feel the rain and know my tears
Taste the wind and know I live
Hold the earth and you will hold life.
So if you are lost, whisper my name
Wayward and damned, may again seek the truth
I will gather the pack
And guard your back
And all will stand as one